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wholesale catalogue |  Wholesale Cufflinks

Wholesale Cufflinks

wholesale catalogue |  Wholesale Cufflinks

Mandolin Guitar Cufflinks

Mandolin Guitar Cufflinks - Mandolin accessories for musicians.

Banjo Cufflinks

Banjo Cufflinks with exceptional detail you can even see the 4 strings and banjo fretwork.

Keyboard Cufflinks

Musicial Scale / Octave Keyboard Cufflinks showing the 12 semi-tones on a musicial keyboard.

Zeppelin Cufflinks

Zeppelin Cufflinks. These unique Zeppelin cufflinks designs are based on the Graf Zeppelin.

Theatre Cufflinks

Theatre, Drama Cufflinks at Wholesale prices

Mail Cufflinks

Mail, It, Email Cufflinks at wholesale Prices.

Electric Guitar Cufflinks

Electric Guitar Cufflinks at wholesale prices.

Dad Cufflinks

Dad Cufflinks from Novelty Wholesalers

Boss Cufflinks

Boss Cuuflinks by Novelty Wholesalers

Bass Guitar Cufflinks

Bass Guitar Cufflinks at wholesale prices

England Cufflinks

England Cufflinks by Novelty Wholesalers

Mod Cufflinks

wholesalers of mod target cufflinks

Scotland Cufflinks

Wholesale Cufflinks by Jemz Art featuring Scotland Cufflink designs

Acoustic Guitar Cufflinks

Wholesale Cufflinks by Jemz Art featuring a unique Acoustic Guitar Cufflinks.

Cufflink Designs

Cufflink Designs

12 pairs of Cufflinks

12 pairs of Cufflinks

Ref: specialoffer

Price: 35.00


Consists of a mix of 12 pairs of cufflinks
The mix features
1 pair of Scotland Flag Cufflinks
1 pair of England Flag Cufflinks
2 pairs of Campervan Cufflinks
1 pair of Acoustic Guitar Cufflinks
1 pair of Bass Guitar Cufflinks
1 pair of No 1 Dad Cufflinks
1 pair of Mod Cufflinks
1 pair of Drama mask cufflinks
1 pair of Boss Cufflinks
1 pair of Guitar Cufflinks
1 pair of banjo cufflinks
12 pairs of Cufflinks supplied in a novelty gift box for £35

Order Line : 01883 744958

This is a Trade / Wholesale website.
Customers can either order online or call us on 01883 744958
Please note designs may vary from time to time.
or email us at: wholesale@noveltywholesalers.co.uk.

wholesale catalogue |  Wholesale Cufflinks

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